Combo Crew hits Google Play! Old School now available in 2013!

Combo Crew

Another awesome game finally arrived on the Google Play Store – Combo Crew. It’s very sleek and fun if you’ll ask me, so hop in and try it out for yourselves. Read more

MyPhone A919i Duo gets reviewed: Is it the best?

MyPhone A919iThe latest flagship android phone from MyPhone, the MyPhone A919i finally got a comprehensive review. Is it the best pinoy android phone so far? Read on to find out. Read more

Google Hangouts becomes official! Now available for Android and Chrome


If you’ve been following Google lately, I assume you’ve heard of the rumored unified messaging platform that they’re planning to launch. As expected from the rumors, Google indeed made it official today. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S4 Scratch Test Video


By now, I know most of you are drooling over the Samsung Galaxy S4, arguably the best phone in the market right now. But some folks just want to have a good time trying to hurt Sammy’s latest flagship. Read more

OfficeSuite Pro 7.1 gets multi-window support


The official Microsoft Office app for android was delayed until 2014, we need to find a great alternative until that time comes. Thankfully, the great developers of the popular OfficeSuite Pro android app brings awesome features that even the Microsoft Office app can provide. Read more

CSR Racing now available for download


Yes, we have another awesome racing game on Android! CSR Racing finally landed in Google Play Store for FREE. Excited? Hit the break to watch the official trailer video. Read more

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Torn Down, Captured in Video

Sony Xperia Tablet Z

If you’re interested in seeing the Sony Xperia Tablet Z in a action, then we have good news for you. However, this is not the usual performance video that you’ll expect, as this video tears down the Xperia Tablet Z into pieces. We’ve been lurking all through these high-end tablets and we’re really curious on what’s inside of them so we watched this official teardown video and found it interesting enough to share with you guys. Watch the video below. Read more

Super Stickman 2 now on Google Play Store


After one whole year of waiting, the successor of the popular Super Stickman game finally lands in the Google Play Store. The usual kind of stuff can be found, but the game is really more interesting than ever. Hit the break to get the download link after the post. Read more

Catcha Catcha Aliens now available for download on Play Store

A new game called Catcha Catcha Aliens lands in Google Play Store. Basically, it’s another running game filled with fun-filled action that will make you excited right after launching it. Interested on how this one work? Check out the screenshots after the jump. Read more

Galaxy Note 8.0 is better than iPad Mini, According to Samsung’s Ads


It’s no surprise that Samsung will go on with this hate war with Apple especially with the recent of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 – which is obviously the Korean giant’s answer to the Cupertino company’s sleek tablet. But is it really better? Let’s find out why. Read more